Deland always successful


Deland always successful

Golestan Osareh food industries company was founded in 2000 with the brand name of “Deland”.It aims to produce tomato paste and fruit purees in various weights and packagings such as aseptic bags for local and international markets. in order to assure the availability of the required raw material, this company started to cultivate tomatoes in 1000 hectres of its own farms taking advantage of all mechanized and the most modern agricultural technologies.
Make Use Of Biological Methods
The recent investigations of agricultural researches and food industry has proved the consumption of chemical pesticides during infarm processes regardless of how long they will affect the foods & vegetables will have hazardous affects for the society and remaining of such poisons maybe a serious threat for human health.
For the first time in Iran,Golestan osareh food industries co. has taken steps to solve this problem by taking advantage of world’s latest sciences in removing diseases from its tomato farms. It cultivates tomatoes in the vast area of over 1000 Hectares through modern dripping irrigation methods and applies biological methods for fighting with plant diseases. Therefore, after becoming assure of the healthiness of the tomato by quality control unit according to the world’s standards, they will be packed in 20 & 220 kg aseptic bags and 70,140 gr, half & 1kg cans ready to supply the market. This company supplies some of the needs of local market and exports most of its products to other countries. continuous export of deland tomato paste caused this factory to become the national superior exporter in years, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008.

Tomato paste in Cans 1Kg and 0.5Kg

Tomato paste in Aseptic bags

Cold break 36-38 brix

Tomato paste in Aseptic bags

hot break 28 - 30 brix






Factory: Golestan Province, km 60 Gorgan Road to Gonbad, Khanbeben City

Phone: 35862461 -35862414 (017)

Fax: 35862078 (017)


Address :4th Floor , No 214 , Somayeh St. , Tehran , Iran.

Tel : +9821 88849056

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