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Golestan Osareh Food Industry Company was founded in 2000. This company is located in Golestan province which is one of the most fertile agricultural areas of our dear country . It was established with the aim of producing tomato paste and fruit puree. This company with more than three decades of continuous activity is considered among the top companies in the country's food industry. The managers of this company always attempt to expand and improve the infrastructure of the country's food industry with creativity and a lot of effort and have taken steps to achieve new technologies.
Golestan OSAREH company
benefiting from the most modern tomato washing line and importing and installing 4 tomato paste concentration lines, 2 packaging lines for canned tomato paste, 1 Italian aseptic tomato paste production line, Continuous control and monitoring of production by quality control experts using up-to-date and advanced laboratory equipment and tools.
Deland agricultural and industrial complex has started producing and planting tomatoes to ensure the quality of raw materials by using the latest agricultural technologies in the world, which include:
1-The use of high-quality hybrid seeds and their planting by Sowing-line in special trays for the first time in the country
2-Construction of 8000 square meters of greenhouse space for growing tomato seedlings
3-Using the tomato Transplanter for the first time in the country to grow tomato seedlings in agricultural land
4-Leading in the use of new methods of drip irrigation in agricultural lands
5-Not using chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the stages of planting and growing crops and using biological methods and animal manure in their fields for the first time (The first producer of organic tomato paste in Iran)
6-Using a tomato harvester for the first time to harvest tomatoes from the fields.
Therefore with complete confidence in the health of the produced in this company,These products are sold in septic packaging of 220 kg and cans of 400 grams, 800 grams and 4300 grams. In addition to supplying a part of the domestic needs, this company exports the major part of its production to different countries of the world So that the continuous export of this company has caused it to be introduced as a superior national and provincial export unit since 2001.

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